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Fuerza Femenina Women's Retreats

Retreats for Women, by Women.

What would a world full of women who know what they want to look like?

So. Much. Pleasure. To get ourselves there, we have work to do (or be?). For many women, this will simply involve taking a trip down to the Amazon Jungle (or any other women's retreat local to their area) to answer the calling.

Fuerza Femenina Women's Retreat was a journey brought together The Cura Community and Novalis on a mission to grant accessible healing spaces to all who seek transformation. Eight women from the USA, South Africa, Colombia, France, and Peru joined together in March 2022 to honor themselves and their path with plant medicine.

The retreat included meeting our indigenous Machiguenga friends from Manu, Embodied Movement, Exploring the Feminine, Cacao Ceremony, Ayahuasca, Plant Walk, and Plant Baths.

In traditional settings, women are thought of as nurturers, and for good reason. Today, whether it is working for ourselves, others, or in the home - It is womb wisdom that draws us into our bodies to nurture. From here we remember what brings us joy in this process: our own intuition! I think these retreat spaces help us get closer to that voice.

But what is it women desire in these retreat spaces? Is it time away? To relax? To meet more like-minded women? After our retreat, I conclude it's all of the above and to remember who we are. Before there we get layers of enculturation from being told what to do and how to act there is first us, a human being, in all our full potential, waiting to be discovered. At that center is a clear intuition to follow our path dedicated to our wellness.

These retreats are designed for women by women.

Find out more about upcoming dates:

FUERZA FEMENINA: November 2 - 9


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