At Novalis we offer scheduled ayahuasca retreats for up to eight participants. We have two different options, the first is eight days / seven nights with three ayahuasca ceremonies, the second is 16 days / 15 nights of retreat with four ceremonies and eight days on a master plant dieta. 

There are sliding scale payment options for those in need (based on availability) and there will also be options to do a service exchange. We believe in accessibility, and that medicine should be available for all people who can take it safely. Below are the amounts we would like to receive in exchange for our work, so please let us know if you are low-income, from a country with a different economic reality, or are unable at this time to afford it. All profit goes to rainforest conservation (please see our website for more about our work), caring for our center, modest monetary reimbursement for people working during the retreat, and costs of your stay. It is directly reinvested into our work, and the people here. Thank you so much for your participation. We wish all beings health and well-being.

Our ayahuasca retreat consists of 3 or 4 ayahuasca ceremonies. The rest days between ceremonies are offered to share the experiences, personal integration and contemplation, as well as other experiences including walks, yoga, floral baths and meals. Click here to read more about our approach to medicine at Novalis. 

Upcoming Dates

December 2022
9th - 16th 

January 2023

8th - 15th

17th - 24th


Jan 29th - Feb 6th -- "Heart Wide Open Retreat - Kambo, Cacao and Ayahuasca"


10th - 25th  -- "16 Day Dieta"

12th - 19th -- "Visionary Artist Retreat"

We have dates in beyond, too.

Please contact us.

 We are also open for one on one sessions. 

Special Retreat Dates

Heart Wide Open
January 29 - February 6 
"Heart Wide Open Retreat"
Kambo, Cacao and Ayahuasca with Fatua @ofspiritandsage

This is a special retreat with Loyver Yui Lopez serving ayahuasca, and Fatua serving cacao and Kambo

Please click here for a brochure & more information

Early bird: $1,333.00 USD

After January 1st: $1555.00

Deposit to hold your space is $555.00, and non-refundable after January 1st


Visionary Art Retreat
March 12 - March 19 
Follow with Loyver Yui Lopez and Juan Zuniga into the patterns of ayahuasca, and learn the background and technique to better access vision.

Please click here for a brochure & more information

Retreat Pricing


- Short retreat: 8 days ($1000)
- Longer retreat: 16 days ($1700)
- Full retreat: 24 days ($2200)
- Plant immersion: 15-18 days, with 8 days in plant-immersion "dieta" ($1700) **

- Service work-exchange, full commitment $900, we also offer partial exchanges.

** contact us for further information or for reduction in price. 


Each ayahuasca retreat will include:

  • Transportation from Puerto Maldonado to NOVALIS and back (40-minute car ride followed by a 45-minute beautiful boat ride along the river, and a 40-minute scenic hike through the rainforest)

  • Accommodation in our shared tree houses completely screened in from mosquitos,  with netting provided over the beds, comfortable mattresses, fresh sheets and lanterns.

  • Possibility to take part in preparation of the medicine (depending upon the timing of cooking and a particular retreat)

  • Individual health consultations (if required) with our medicine people

  • Sharing circles before and after ceremonies

  • Individually selected plant dietas (depending on the type of retreat)

  • Opportunity to deepen your knowledge of shamanic practice and the use of medicinal plants

  • Nature Immersions (plant identification walks, nature walks, forest meditation)

  • Locally grown vegan meals cooked with love (All meals included)

  • At least 3 Grandmother Ceremonies

  • Transpersonal Psychology Integration Circles

Weekly schedule during our 8 day Ayahuasca Retreat:

Day 0

(the day before your retreat begins) - Ideally you should arrive in Puerto Maldonado (Airport code PEM) the day before your retreat begins. But it is okay to arrive in the morning of Day 1, too.

Day 1

Please arrive the day before retreat begins

12pm Depart Puerto Maldonado

2:30pm Arrive to Novalis!

2:30pm Lunch *Comedor*

3-6pm Land Tour and Get Settled

6pm Dinner *Comedor*

7pm Opening connections

Day 2

8am Breakfast *Comedor*

9-11am 1-1 Personal Sessions with staff

1pm Lunch *Comedor*

2-4pm  1-1 Personal Sessions with staff

5-8pm Time for Reflection for Ceremony

8pm  Ayahuasca Ceremony 1 *Maloka*

Day 3

8am Breakfast *Comedor*

9am Integration Circle *Maloka*

1 pm Lunch *Comedor*

2-5pm  Workshop

5pm Dinner *Comedor*

7pm Evening Circle *Maloka*

Day 4

8am Breakfast *Comedor*

9-11am Personal Sessions

1 pm Lunch *Comedor*

2-5pm Workshop

5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony

8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*


Day 5

8am Breakfast *Comedor*

9am Integration Circle *Maloka*

1 pm  Lunch *Comedor*

2-5 pm Workshop

5pm Dinner *Comedor*

7pm Evening Circle *Maloka*

Day 6

7-8am Morning Practice *Maloka*

8am Breakfast *Comedor*

9-11am Personal Sessions

1 pm Lunch *Comedor*

2-5pm Workshop

5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony

8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*


Day 7

8am Breakfast *Comedor*

9am Integration Circle *Maloka*

1 pm Lunch *Comedor*

2-5 pm Art Immersion *Comedor*

5pm Dinner *Comedor*

7pm Closing connections

Day 8
Departure for city

Schedule for our 16 day Ayahuasca Retreat with 8 days of plant dieta:


Day 0 - 4

Same as short retreat...

Day 5

First day of the plant dieta

Day 6-12 

Shamanic dieta in an isolated tambo (house)

Day 12 

Last day of the dieta.

8pm Third Ayahuasca ceremony *Maloka*

Day 13-16 (or 17, or 18)

Same as short retreat

**Email us at for more information.

Please Bring

Headlamp & Extra Batteries

Water Bottle



Eco-friendly Soap & Washing Detergent

Loose Clothes