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Treehouse Refuge in the Amazon Jungle!

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In the mood for a jungle getaway?

At Novalis, we offer relaxing accommodations in the Amazon Rainforest.


Nestled within 2,000 hectares of pristine forest in the Las Piedras region of the Southeast Peruvian Amazon, we welcome you to get off the grid, relax, learn, and experience beneath a canopy of majestic trees and nature's soundscape.


Come lounge in our 3-story high tree houses, enjoy clean vegetarian meals, detox in our natural bath house, and enjoy nature walks through our lush and abundant forest. We offer rental space in a haven of biodiversity and pristine nature.


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While on-site, we cater to the interests of our guests. Whether you are here to relax and unwind in solitude, explore the rainforest, or engage in our sustainable community events, we are here to host you in our beautiful home. Packages range from 3 days -1 week. Site Rental & Large groups welcome!

  • Tree House Lodging

  • Daily Vegetarian Meals (Vegan Options Available)

  • River Transportation via Boat

  • Guided Walks Through the Forest

  • Staff Presence in Catering to your specific interests

  • Floral Baths in our Bath House (in Maintenance)

  • Opportunity to engage in certain Novalis activities 

  • Maloka Access for Personal Practice

  • Library Access

Jungle Immersions Include


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Come and enjoy the beautiful, pristine sounds of Nature. Macaws (parrots) congregate on our lands, monkeys swing through the trees, and the cicadas singing you to sleep. Explore the Wonderland of the Amazon through the eyes of your inner child. Nature is abundant & pure, offering a tranquil invitation to engage fully in all of its splendid beauty!

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