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On-going relationship building & creative collaboration for well-being in the Amazon

Since the beginning, we continuously are finding ways to interact, support, and build relationships with our surrounding communities of indigenous origin.


We work closely with the Kichwa community of Puerto Arturo, the Yine community of Santa Teresita, the Amahuaca community of Boca Parimanu, and several other surrounding settlements.


We invite our visitors to join us in our ever-present process of ¨getting to know the neighbors¨, traveling by boat up and down the Piedras River for frequent visitations, project collaborations, business development, and heritage documentation.

Up-coming retreats in 2020

Together with Loyver Yui Lopez, our shipibo unaya (shamans) we offer plant immersions (short term dietas) and ayahuasca ceremonies. 

Please contact us if you wish to set up your own private retreat at our place.

Small Scale Projects and Land Protection

We work with other organizations in the Las Piedras region, to protect ecosystems, develop sustainability, and natural products.

Our main current initiative involves working with two local neighbors to conserve and manage more than 2000 hectares of Amazon rainforest, brazil-nut concession and sustainable logging concessions.

We also run crowd-funding campaigns to buy land and resources in order to legally protect them, and can provide legal title for individuals who donate.



We have a 0.5 hectare food forest, medicinal garden and access to over 30 hectares of lands for papaya, banana, rice and more. We are looking for those interested in active management. 

We also manage 600 hectare brazil nut consession, and during the harvest season (December-April) there are always activities to get involved.

We are moving towards projects that involved ecological-based land-management, and hopefully activities that can be demonstrations for locals interested in stewarding the forest and making an income from it.

Our lodge is a perfect base camp for research, whether your research questions are based in primary, secondary or disturbed forest, or in indigenous communities, or other populations. 
Please contact us for more information on your specific field of interest.

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