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Bringing Service to the Amazon Rainforest

Immersive Residency Service Exchange

singing to the bananas

As a short-term Novalis resident, your contributions directly impact our ability to serve the Amazon Rainforest. Through the support of devoted people like you, we continue to expand our food forest, maintain the grounds, tend to guests in deep healing processes, and are able to live well as a sustainable community. We are grateful for all our residents who help make the environment that we create and maintain possible.


We invite you to browse our website to get further acquainted with our offerings and the work that we do at our center. 

Pricing per person: 

*2 week minimum:  90 soles/ day

(approx. $170 USD)

*does not include any programs

What does it mean to be a Resident?  

In essence, to be a Novalis resident means putting the needs of the community & the organization in your priority basket. Sure, you absolutely get to engage in community activities, ceremonies, and other offerings, but the intention of a resident is to be in service to the land, the Amazon, and the needs of the community.

Residency often involves cooking, cleaning, project assistance, garden care, and ceremonial prepratory work. We ask for a set amount of hours a day, or set tasks be done, in conjunction to your participation in programs or retreats activities.

working together at novalis planting food forest

Putting love into our food forest gardens

What is the Residency Exchange?  

We offer a few different packages from (year-round) & specifically geared packages for our retreats & programs.


If you are joining for a retreat or program, please visit our Retreats & Programs page (or click the button below) for the specific financial contribution from you in that program. A certain number of ceremonies and jungle experiences are part of this arrangement.

If you are coming outside of a program or retreat, the standard exchange that we ask for is 90 soles per day, which estimates to $23 USD per day. You are invited to participate in our community engagements, classes, and any offerings. However, Ayahuasca ceremonies are additional costs, and are not offered year-round. 


Residency packages outside of programs are a 2-week minimal commitment. Your meals, lodging, boat transportation, and community engagements are included. Residency packages inside programs are a commitment for the entire length of the program/retreat.


Volunteers making cacao in our outdoor kitchen

Cooking up some jungle goodness in our outdoor kitchen

We take supplies up river in our boat

Taking  supplies up river 


SPECIAL THANKS As residents, be you future or past, we want to give you a special thanks & a bow of gratitude. Living and learning with us, in our hearts, makes you family. We work together to keep this amazing forest healthy, we share meals & laugh at ourselves, we tend the needs of people who are healing... we have so much love for you!  Keep coming & we'll keep learning together!

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