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Habitat For Change - Our Effort to Buy Rainforest to protect it... SUCCESS!

Six months ago we launched a campaign called HABITAT FOR CHANGE on indiegogo to protect Rainforest by buying it outright. We are now stewarding 32 hectares more, and preventing it from being logged for cattle ranching.

We were not alone: 54 of you supported with donations, and many more shared this campaign. We succeeded and the land is safe in our name, and also in the names of others who bought alongside us. Our campaign is officially closed.

Thank you from the bottom of our tree-trunk hearts! For more information on this campaign, what it was, and why: check out our link Pavel Bondarenko Bianca Leclair Kathryn McKernan Omar Torres Roman Elizabeth Gottwald Charlotte Carswell Lisa Dennison Raimundo Hamilton Jesse Howardson Lee Kaiser Gio israel Bill Dwyer Izzy Flook Ellyse Lambie Mag gi Theresa Edwards Christina Marie Shiraz Dindar Jane Stollery Willem Reek Chris Eggleston Patricia Pawlicki Ken Leslie Andrew Weaver Jean-Michel Placais Joel Parker Henderson Ruth Goldstein Philip Attar Malcolm Saunders Emmett Scrimshaw Vemund Linnerud Melissa Smith Katie Mac Romney Smith Sara Mason Judith Van Cleave Tom Wheeler David Schoonmaker

And 16 others who wished to remain anonymous...

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