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Join us year-round at our center



Immersive Residency

We offer longer-term stays for people who want a more immersive, hands-on experience of jungle living at our center.

Immersive Residency
Immersive Residency

Join Us

Join us year-round at our center

Novalis, Jiron Arequipa 281, Puerto Maldonado, Peru


About our Retreat

We like to offer a unique and immersive jungle experience to all visitors including travelers, students, and local neighbors to learn and live with us in our work around conservation, well-being, permaculture, ecological land stewardship, conscious movement, yoga, mysticism, bio-construction, natural medicine and more. Long term stays have a cost of 90 soles per day, and also any costs for ayahuasca ceremonies.

How do we work?


We ask that those who visit us, know and be willing to tune in with one another for the harmony and sustainability of the space.


+ We are all co-creators of energy in space. We manifest honest and loving relationships.


+ We understand that land and space require a commitment, offering energy in the tasks that our jungle home requires. This can include cleaning, cooking, and maintenance, as well as other kinds of tasks and projects depending on the time of year. We ask for 6 days a week, with a minimum of 3-5 hours every day. This is a commitment that each one assumes, and is responsible of respecting.


+ The kitchen is vegetarian, and oftentimes vegan. We serve generous breakfast, lunch and dinner. We eat together. If the food offered is not enough, each can supplement with their own provisions.

+ We welcome your own personal medicine work under our guidance. Please contact us if you would like to stay longer-term, as well as work with plant immersion or jungle medicines. 

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