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Learning the Applications of Amazonian Plants & Practice

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Overview of Course:


For 18 days, 4 participants will follow an immersive education program of Amazonian Plant Medicine training and application, specifically with the Plantas Maestras (master plants of the Amazon).

This program includes plant identification, harvest, preparation of medicinal plants, and explanations on the Shipibo and Quechua perspective of working with plants, including dieta, ofrenda and ayahuasca ceremony.


As a participant you will arrive to Puerto Maldonado and we will travel together to our forest lodge by car and then by riverboat, and finally a hike into the 2000-hectare forest that is Novalis. While here, lodging will be in treehouses nestled among the wild jungle, and be hosted here during the program by our Novalis Medicine Team. 

This 18-day immersion program combines traditional knowledge and practice with an ethnobotanical lens in approaching Amazonian Plant Medicine. Our goal is to offer participants a holistic experience and education in this vastly intricate world of Amazonian Plant Medicine.


Get to know the Master plants, harvest and prepare medicines, and understand the guiding principles of select Amazonian Plants.

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Field Identification
& Harvest
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Shipibo Culture
& Ceremony
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Amazonian Medicine
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Medicinal Plants
Education & Practice


-Classes & Workshops with classroom-style learning and accompanying activities.


-Field excursions including plant identification and hands-on plant preparations


-Personal Consultations (one-on-one intensives)


-Introduction to Shipibo and Quechua Culture


-Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Integration Circles


-1 week dieta (otherwise known as sama) in isolation with one of three Plantas Maestras


-Guided dietary preparation before program


-2 week integration counseling after completion of program

Additional Includes Activities:


-Baños Floridas (Herbal Baths)


-Library Access for self-guided study


-Ofrenda from the Quechua Andean Lineage


-Shamanic film night


-1 day Cacao (chocolate) immersion in local village


-Daily vegetarian meals


-Transportation to/from Puerto Maldonado


-Visitor Amenities*

*please visit our "Retreat & Programs" homepage for further details​



Student Materials:


Each student will receive a folder of materials for self-guided practice and resources:


Botanical Index (guide to all master plants & herbs at Novalis)


Botanical Plant Map of Novalis


Course Syllabus, Class Outlines, Notes Sheets, Powerpoint copies


Resource Guide (linked to our extensive library of plants, page numbers, etc.)


Support Resource Guide (links for returning home, social groups, books, etc.)




Limited to:

4 participants


Financial Exchange:

 $1800 per person

We always feel it necessary to express where your financial contributions actually go. Our belief is that the forest, our indigenous relations, our actual center, and the continuation of this work are of our highest priority. From the money we receive from such programs our center is maintained, we can continue our land conservation efforts, and our Peruvian staff and faculty receives their monthly income.

We require a 30% non-refundable fee upon registration via paypal or TransferWise. Thank you!


Email us at for further information or special assistance. 



Loyver Yui is a Shipibo vegetalista (someone who works with plant-based medicine) and visionary artist from the Shipibo community of San Francisco near Pucallpa, Peru. During our programs he facilitates the Ayahuasca Ceremonies, prepares dieta plant medicine, and works together with our Medicine Team to provide a holistic experience to participants.


Loyver Yui


Our Novalis Medicine Team is comprised of our on-site stewards, medicine practitioners, and core team members. We serve as both practitioners & bridges between participants & the indigenous. Serving as translators, classroom teachers, ceremonial assistants, medicine prep, field guides, and day-to-day support & counsel, our service is to your growth & learning. 

Juan Zuniga

Melanie Dizon

Yuri Lopez

Jane Quiro


Our contributors are comprised of our indigenous neighboring relationships. During parts of our programs, they will serve as guides in cultural context of Amazonian Medicine, make an appearance in activities such as plant identification walks and medicines preparations, or provide support for the overall program.